Integral Psychology

Ken Wilbur has written a comprehensive map of the human mind in his book “Integral Psychology”  with the sub title Consciousness, Spirit, Psychology, Therapy.   Wilbur writes, “as we look more carefully at the overall levels of consciousness, we can’t help but notice that, with a few exceptions, the vast majority of modern researchers do not include, or even acknowledge, the higher, transpersonal, spiritual levels.  It is striking how many modern researchers stop somewhere around the centaur and vision-logic, and ignore or even deny the transpersonal and transcendental waves of superconscious development.  In premodernity, even if the average individual did not awaken to the higher levels in the Great Nest of Being, it was clearly understood that these higher potentials were available to any who wished to pursue a path of awakening, liberation, or enlightenment.  Premodernity acknowledged these higher, transpersonal, spiritual realms, where as modernity, for the most part, denies them altogether.

How could something so universally widespread at one point in our collective history become resolutely erased at the next?  It’s a staggering scenario, fully comparable, in its own way, to the extinction of the dinosaurs.  The most pervasive notion in human history and prehistory (namely, the existence of some sort of spiritual dimension) was simply pronounced, with the thundering authority of science, put with a zeal that was inversely proportional to its believability, to be a massive collective hallucination.  The spiritual dimension, it was solemly announced, was nothing but a wish-fulfillment of infantile needs (Freud), an opaque ideology for oppressing the masses (Marx), or a projection of human potentials (Freuarbach).   The bleakness of the modern scientific proclamation is chilling.”  p. 55 Integral Psychology by Ken Wilbur Shambala Pub. 2000