Putting on the Mind of Christ

Our Wednesday evening meditation class has begun studying one of the most fascinating books I have found on the mystical Christian tradition by Jim Marion called “Putting on the Mind of Christ, The Inner Work of Christian Spirituality.”  Our 7:30pm weekly meditation class will now be available to watch through Zoom meeting app from any smart phone or computer, all you have to do is give me your email and I will send you an invitation each week where you can join the meeting and watch as well as interact with questions and comments.

This following is from the back cover of his book, which I highly recommend, I have read it several times since I got it last year, its that good.:   Jim Marion, a former Catholic monk, mystic, and attorney, says if you want to join the Christ in the Kingdom of Heaven, you must do so while living as a human on the Earth.  It’s not something that automatically happens to Christians after death, nor can the Church do it for you.  Marion says inner spiritual growth has always been the true essence of Christian practice.  Marion has described his mystic experiences within a ‘Christ focused” framework, but he also includes other mystical writers from various religious perspectives.   For Christians who are disaffected with contemporary Christianity there is another way- Marion calls it the “old original way”- to experience true spirituality of Christianity.  he shows how to emulate the developmental stages of the Christ- how to put on the mind of Christ to achieve spiritual illumination and communion with the Christ.  Provocative and pioneering, transcendent and grounded, Putting on the mind of Christ may permanently altered the landscape of 21st century Christianity.

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