Moderator’s Report Sept 2017

Moderator’s Report  September 2017

So about 7-8 years ago someone told me about meditation.  Unfortunately I never heard about it in bible college, not in seminary, not in 15 years of working in the church.  the practice has almost been completely lost in the church in the west, even though it has been taught since the first Christian monks in the Egyptian desert taught it.

Since I have been studying and practicing meditation I have come to believe it is the most important thing you can do in your Christian life,  out from it flows everything else, Jesus & John the Baptist came preaching metanoia, changing the mind.   Repentance is a terrible translation of the greek metanoia, it really means changing the mind, St. Paul calls it a metamorphosis in Rom. 12  the best way to change the mind is meditation, the desert fathers like Evagrius (4th Cent.) taught meditation, and what they taught was strikingly similar to the Buddhist practice.  Evagrius said our demons that we must fight are our thoughts.

Meditation is so important- that I call it the theory of everything, the physicist are searching for a theory of everything that reconciles the incompatibility of Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.  Meditation is the theory of everything in metaphysics.  Meditation helps you with everything you can imagine, high blood pressure, anxiety, diet, lust, sleep, greed, ADD, anger,  it is the way one can experience the mystical union with Christ, it is the path one takes to fully live out the sermon on the mount, which is all about what is going wrong in your head.

Ironically, in the US meditation is spreading rapidly not because of the church, but because of  the hospitals and board rooms who are using it across the country.  Over 700 hospitals use John Kabat Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.   The U. of Penn Hospital has been teaching an 8 week course on mindfulness meditation since the 90’s and has had 15000 students.  Companies are using meditation for their employee training, Google, Ford, SAP, and many, many others.  This is happening because meditation works, and it works for just about everything.

So In the hopes that you will discover this incredible spiritual practice that can purify your thoughts and radically alter your brain’s neural pathways,  I will have available for you to take home,  books about meditation which you can find at the registration table at every meeting.  By the way, Buddhism has nothing to say about theology, it’s a psychology, a science of the mind.   I would also like to create a group or network, of those interested in meditation so that we can learn from each other and help others learn how metanoia is done through meditation.  Please send me your contact information if you would like to be a part of this group,  if you want me to speak about this anytime, anywhere,  just let me know.